Letter to 2009

Dear 2009;

Yuck. Nasty, real nasty. Yes sir, that really stunk, I mean that was some pretty foul stuff there my newly appointed friend. I am of course referring to your predecessor good old 2008. I had pretty high hopes for 2008. 2008 took them all, covered them with refuge and left them out in the hot sun to soar and decay. Thanks alot 2008. Those were only my hopes and dreams.

2009, luckily for you, after a year like that one, I don't expect too much.

I'm afraid that this is were the good news ends. Turns out I'm not the only one who has expectations from you, though I'm certain most haven't taken the time to write. (Please remember that wen doling out any bounty you may find yourself in excess of. You and I are one, okay? We're buds right? shhh... don't tell anyone one else. You're the man! No you are!!!) Ahem...I digress.

As I was saying, it seems that half of population sees this as the year of "Change". Right. You 2009, are the herald of the future, the bringer of good, the year of the enlightening, and all that other jazz. If you let yourself bask in the glory of yourself, you will so find it difficult not to be impressed with you. I mean you are the year of "Change"

I think you are a slimy rotten pig. (Just kidding, we're pals still right?!) I'm not generally accustomed to saying those things to one so young, but you should hear it from someone. (Why not a friend?!) 2008 was rotten sticking corpse decomposing on my front porch. From Olympics, to Politics, to Finances, 2008 got just about everything wrong. It's hard to watch a year go down the toilet and not be slightly bitter. I'm afraid you look too much like 2008 to be anything new. I'm having trouble believing in you 2009. You've already had a hand in scandal and bloodshed with nary a few days under your belt.(Not a criticism, just an observation chum!)

Oil is still rising, stocks are still falling, the middle east is as turbulent as ever and Socialism is on the march to the capital. Where is this "Change" you speak of? (This is just a general statement. It's not an inquisition or nothing. Best Friends Forever don't do that to each other!)

Feeling slightly broadsided are we? Understandable. Just a few days ago, we were laughing, smiling and toasting to your arrival. We sang songs and laughed the night away in joyful bliss at your dawn. Well now you're here. And we wouldn't be laughing toasting or kissing again till the eve of your death. (I mean others will, not me. I'm always here for you!)

It's a vicious cycle kid, and you're going to have to grow up fast. So lets get the lead out chief and start divvying out some of this famous "Change" we've heard so much about.

Peter Brown
Optimistically Wary


Anonymous said...

Did we both use the phrase "and all that jazz" in our respective 2009 posts, completely independant of each other? I think that is a sign that 2009 is going to be off the chain (that's good, right?).

kludge said...

I noticed that too. I didn't read your post before posting mine. Clearly, we've spent too much time together.

Tony said...

Personally, I feel it is almost certain that things will become worse, not better, during this year and possibly a few after it. How much worse, that is the question. All signs do tend to point to "very much worse", though... :(

jenylu said...

2008 was pretty rough. I hope 2009 is a little kinder to all its BFFs. :)

Jason Michael Parrish said...

Fear not Kludge. Having read '1984' a number of times, I can assure you 'change' is something you'll definately see a lot of in 2009.

Becca Sports said...

Don't worry Peter, you will see lots of "change" this year. The US government will "change" into Chicago politics. To those who run the political train that is a good thing, to the little people like us, the "change" that is coming won't be good. :) Good thing God is in control right?

Boston Love said...

Starting off the year with the police murdering someone handcuffed on the ground wasn't a good sign. I'm with you.....better to have low expectations. ;)