Republican Rant

I found myself typing up a political rant that I wanted to post. KludgeSpot is not place for serious political conversations, even one sided ones. If you want to weigh in, I would enjoy hearing your viewpoints.

You can do so here.


Tony said...

Well, personally, I've always voted for the Great Cthulhu. When it comes to politics, I see no reason to settle for the lesser evil.

On a more serious note, I believe all major parties have failed, all over the world. We need to claim back our liberties and for that, we need to get rid of the organizations that took them away in the first place. Only problem with that, of course, is that most people do not want to be free, preferring the ever-present Big Nanny instead, and so keep voting the same incompetent bastards back into office. >:(

kludge said...

"...most people do not want to be free..."

This is mostly sad because I fee that it is quite true. They don't believe they could manage without the burden and heavy hand of government. Why is that?

Ando said...

Because people don't want the responsibility. If they rely on the government, or any other outside agent, and things go bad they'll always have someone to blame other than themselves.

Tony said...

Also, with the existence of a nanny state, people can vote themselves some of other people's money. Sure, society as a whole goes down the drain but hey - they get a new TV for free!