The Kamikaze Fly

Look to the sky
He comes! He's here!
The kamikaze fly

Right in your face
Retreat! Beware!
Invading your space

Odds against him
You're Big! He's Small!
Risking life and limb

Dive bombing nut
At full throttle!
Right into my gut

Spinning and thrashing
Swiping! Chasing!
With arms a lashing

Yet on he dives
Retreat! Retreat!
If only to survive

Peter Brown 2008


Boston Love said...

I'm a fan of all your poems. Loved this one also.

kludge said...

Boston Love-


Stupid fly made a absolute fool of me!

Jason said...

Kingdom: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Tabanidae
Genus: need to look at it under the microscope

--Puddleglum the Marshwiggle, entomologist

Missy said...

I really don't like those little creatures. I was enjoying a beautiful iced coffee one day, took a sip and came up with an extra ingredient! I actually threw it across the room it freaked me out so badly. ick!

Ando said...

I love to watch other people swat at bugs, especially really small ones that aren't visible to me. Makes them look like crazy orchestra conductors.

SJ said...

Your poems are great!

jenylu said...

So creative!! You continue to impress me...

After another one of my sporadic absences from the blogosphere, I have been checking blogs for 3 days in a row!! Looking forward to the next installment...