Vacation Expectation

Next week I will be going on vacation. I'm not even sure I believe it. I cannot recall the last time I took vacation hours with the intention of doing something relaxing.

The last few times, have all centered around my daughters. I took off time for both of their births and then for my eldest heart surgery. As you can imagine this was not what I would call, 'vacation' time.

In addition we used to go camping every year. It's no family secret that I'm not the big outdoors man type. I picked sitting inside, staring at a computer for 40 hours a week as my vocation. Clearly I'm a fan of electricity, regulated temperatures, comfortable seating and indoor plumbing. These items are hard to find in the wilds of "Mt. Lot-a-dust Mosquito" campgrounds.

The other point is simply, that I never stay in one place long enough to take vacation time. I have been employed here now for 2 and 1/2 years. For me, that is a new record. The longest I had ever stayed in one job before was about 2 years, and the shortest was under 6 weeks.

Food service I didn't get along:

"Peter, as a waiter, you need to make the customers happy."

"But I hate the customers!. They never know what they want, they ask me for things that aren't on the menu, and then leave me a rotten tip because the kitchen is out of fresh fruit!"

"That what happens when you work with people for a living. They aren't like computers, you know."


"An excellent point."


"I quit!"

So imagine my surprise when I looked at my last time sheet and I had over a hundred hours of vacation time in the hopper. I decided it was time to use it!

So next week Patricia and I will be vacationing it up. Following through on whatever bizarre notion occurs to us.

"Want to drive to Mountain View and have lunch?"


Living it up for a week. For no other reason then the best one of all. Because we can!


Missy said...

Vacation is a splendid idea, but why don't you splurge and go to..let's say San Jose for lunch!!

I hope you both get to relax and have some fun.

kludge said...


Why not!? Actually the only reason is because or this restaurant, Sono Sushi They have the little boats and everything!

Any other good spots you know of around there? There being, anywhere from San Jose to Monterey...(as a former native)

Fernando said...

I´m 22 years old, and haven´t had a vacation in years! Except for that week I spent between two jobs... which I spent looking for a job!

Making the costumer happy sucks.

Hope you spend a nice vacation with the family. We´ll be waiting to read about it later

Windy City Survivors said...

I hope you have a great vacation! Most of Wayne's vacation has been used to fix up our "money pit" called a house and for the girls.

Missy said...

Is that the "infamous" sushi experience? We always loved going to Santa Cruz actually, loved wondering the wharf or downtown. But the best thing to do is go to the boardwalk, nothing better! All the junk food you can imagine and the rides are too much fun! Plus taking a picnic and sitting on the beach, wonderful!

Missy said...

Oh yeah for something nice, Cheesecake Factory is spectacular, that you could find anywhere along the peninsula I imagine. Don't just eat the cheesecake, the food is better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Vacations are for taking. I never understood why people don't use their time off. If you have a few hours to kill, feel free to lug some rock up to my backyard. :]

jenylu said...

Enjoy the time off, but don't give up on family camp just yet! We enjoyed having you there. :) We'll try not to rub in the refrigeration and air conditioning of the trailer this time!!

Jason said...

Do you'll think Kludge will come back?