Ode To A Nose Picker

Beside me sitting in your car
Both stopped at the light we are
But unlike me you seem distracted
As your brains you have extracted

How far up there can you go?
While watching this most vulgar show.
You keeping digging deeper still
Until you get your sticky fill

You seem not to notice us
As we gag and make a fuss
With your finger in your nose
Up to your knuckle now it goes

Now with your filthy quest complete
You turn to me and our eyes meet
Does my face betray the truth
That I just watched you finger sleuth?

You speed by me as on you drive
To forget your deep nose dive
I laugh and think with impish zeal
Will your hands stick to the wheel?

This ode to a nose picker
Oh nasty digging slicker
If more tales you would eschew
I would suggest using tissue

-Peter P. Brown 2008


Becca Sports said...

LOL...that was one of your best Peter!! I think everyone has experienced that show at least once! Thanks for the laugh, it made my day.

Jason said...

--Jason Parrish

A fantastic display of wit!

Like Beethovens 'Ode to Joy,' only in verse.

Hmm. . .an excellent marketing strategy.
--anonymous worker at an anonymous tissue company

--un-named bystander

kludge said...

Becca Sports-

Thanks! Glad I could help boost your spirits with my goo fill tale.

kludge said...


Rave reviews indeed!!


SJ said...

Jeremy just read this to me - first it is hilarious! Second - your creativity is awesome! This was my laugh for the day!

jenylu said...

How timely, Catie's working on a poetry unit for English. Maybe she should change the subject of her presentation from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to Peter Brown.

Hmmm...do you have a middle name to make that sound a little more impressive?

BTW -- Good job on the DEA agent -- subtle clue, eh!

Needleroozer said...

Eeewww. That was so well-written that I was picturing it. Eeewww.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome.

Jason said...

Yesterday, at precisely 11:05 AM, on I-64, 3 miles from the oceanfront, I, Jason, saw the Queen of the Nose Pickers.

Current state of being: in shock