The Great Geek To Do List

  • Wake Up.

  • Check E-mail.

  • Dawn your favorite geeky t-shirt.

  • Organize box of spare cables that you never use.

  • Consider that since you no longer have dial-up and no one ever calls, why is it you are still paying for phone service?

  • Check E-mail.

  • Walk the isles of the local computer retailer, critiquing other customers purchases. "You know, no one stops to consider the real benefit of L2 cache anymore. Let me explain..."

  • Save some time to drool over the newest Nvidia chipset you can't afford.

  • Write down all the inflammatory Mac slurs you can think of on a 3'x5' card for easy reference.

  • Dust off your keyboard. No one likes a messy keyboard.

  • Check E-mail.

  • Spend three hours writing a script that organizes all your desktop icons by priority and saves you 24 seconds every morning.

  • Spend 40 minutes troubleshooting said script that just deleted all your desktop icons.

  • Break up the day with some Sci-Fi. TRON, Star Wars, Planet Of The Apes...or whatever.

  • Check E-mail.

  • Verify WiFi signal strength.

  • Spend 2 hours building a homemade WiFi antenna booster from cardboard and aluminum foil.

  • Check E-mail.

  • Check E-Mail from your mobile device.

  • Send test E-Mail to verify E-mail is still working.

  • Put the finishing touches on your one eighth scale trebuchet.

  • Lay siege to stormtrooper stronghold, with aforementioned trebuchet.

  • Check E-mail.

  • Enter 10 hour gaming coma with breaks only for the restroom and Mt Dew.

  • Post a to do list to your blog.

    jenylu said...

    I couldn't relate to much of it, but I have been known to send a "test" to my email to make sure it's receiving! That was before all the spam -- I no longer have to wonder. :)

    Anonymous said...

    I don't think there were enough email checks on this list to make it a bonafide Geek to do list. Or is it that geeks just don't get that much email? They are, ya know, geeks afterall.

    Jeremy said...

    Have you been spying on me again? For some reason this list sounds very familiar... except the Mac bashing on a 3x5 card! No, it more like the PC bashing on a Tabloid 11x17 page. Funny stuff.

    Becca Sports said...

    That list was great. I was glad to confirm that I'm not a geek (although I do check my email a lot for business reasons)! :)

    kludge said...


    Neither can I actually. My life is nothing like this...well...not everyday...

    kludge said...


    Yeah... I agree. I have added some more in the vain hope of making this post slightly amusing... It sounded funnier in my head...

    kludge said...

    Jeremy... Of course not! 11x17 Tabloid! Wow!! That's some notepad!

    Well lay some on us when you have the chance. I could go for a good comment flaming!

    kludge said...

    Becca Sports-

    I love e-mail!!!

    Fernando said...

    Great one. This one ´s going espaniolo!
    I´ll send the link later.
    Sorry gotta go, haven´t checked my e-mail in 2 whole minutes!

    Anonymous said...

    Thats more like it!

    meow said...

    sounds like something I would do. :)

    J Crew said...

    that is pretty good. I like the e-mail checker. I'm not a geek and that is my life

    SJ said...

    I don't fit the bill for most any of these - but I am the e-mail checker - love e-mail - especially from family far away!

    Irregardless said...

    Neat schedule, just forgot to check your email! :P
    btw I dust off my keyboard... sometimes. Noone likes messy keyboards after all! :D