Monday's Passing

I just had a very good Monday. I came in to work today, wondering what I was going to be doing, and ended up spending 8 hours shooting trouble on an elusive issue. At 4:16 the solution was acquired and the inevitable clarity of hindsight clicked into place. I looked up and realized that I had consumed 1 liter of coffee, a banana, a smoothie and most of my day. I found that I was completely happy.

If you don't have a job you enjoy to do, I'm sorry. I've worked in plenty of places where jumping ship was always on my mind. There were days that I spent at Best Buy were I just wanted to punch someone square in the jaw. Of course, there were also great days. Days when I learned something new, or enjoyed the company of my co-workers. The trouble is, it's much easier to recall the bad days? Why is that?

I suppose it is because, we tend to appreciate them more, in a way. You can recount them to friends. You garner sympathy or laughs depending on how you tell it. You use them to build a little castle of woe, that can then be showed off to your family and acquaintances. It makes you feel good to wallow in the bad.

You get the attention of others, "Look at all I had to endure today." Attention is addicting (Ask anyone with a blog) and people tend to dwell on the negative rather than the positive. It's our culture, where sarcasm and cynicism are rewarded as wit and humor. Or sympathy is doled out while we simultaneously elevate ourselves as better over those who's woes we are listening to.

Believe me, I understand it. In fact I'm a master of it. I need to curb that tendency.

Why is it that no one shares with friends if they had a good day?

"Had this horrible customer that called me a 'sniffle stiffing jerk-off' in front of my boss!"
"What?! That's horrible!"
"Yeah, and I'm not even sure that I know what that means. What about you."
"Me? I had a great day! So-"
"Oh... Sue? What about you?"

So why can't a near perfect work day not be worth noting? We should all get excited when we say,  "I had a great day." Instead of just thinking it's no big deal.

Most of us have to work for a living. Considering the sheer amount of our lives that we will spend working for our paycheck, we should be actively looking for the good in that day. Today was good, and I hope I remember it the next time I have a bad day.

Monday was good. I've got great hopes for Tuesday...


Jason Michael Shuttlesworth said...

Good Luck man on having a bad day tomorrow. If Tuesday turns out to be as bad as today in a good way, then you could steal a little girl's puppy or something. Just make sure you return it by Wednesday with a bag of Kibbles N Bits.

kludge said...

With a bag or in a bag?

I want to make sure and get this right! :)

Ando said...

And then your day only got better because you got to watch Die Hard!

AndrewMueller47 said...

You know how it is when you talk about the good. People think you're bragging or showing off.

"Well my day was absolutely amazing. First, I-"
"Yeah, yeah. Shut up."