I remember when...

  • Watermelons had seeds
  • Televisions had dials
  • Streets had payphones
  • Computers had floppies
  • Supermarkets had arcade games
  • Only doctors or drug dealers had pagers
  • No one had a cellular phone
  • People wore tube socks
  • I made my girlfriend a mix tape
  • VCRs were amazing
  • Costco clerks read off the SKU numbers
  • Stores called the bank when you wrote a check
  • Macy's used a carbon machine on your credit card
  • McDonald's used styrofoam packages
  • Rabbit ears were on our living room TV
  • The first time I played Frogger at home
  • People thought pegged pants looked cool
  • Taco Bell had a 59¢ menu
  •  I had to hand write my school reports
  • I tried to walk and keep my discman from skipping
It happens to everyone. When they realize time has moved faster than they expected...


Tim said...

I remember when "Pong" came out.

kludge said...


You've got me beat... :)