Critial Errors Invites Kludge Spot Over

Gentle Reader;

I received a guest blogging invitation from my friend Andy over at his review blog, Critical Errors. Considering that I haven't been blogging here, I jumped at the chance to force my hand at writing something.

I was asked to do a Christmas themed review post. I decided on a review of snow.  So, I encourage you to drop in an have a look!

Hopefully that jump start will help me post more here as well.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Editor and Chief


Tim said...

I totally agree. Snow, as a old expression says, should be seen and not heard. Being raised in California also, I loved going to Tahoe and playing in the snow. Then drive down the mountain and leave the cold wet stuff behind. At least in the valley the rain would drain away.

Then I moved to New England. Winters lasted what seemed like forever. Or at least 9 months. The rest of the time it was humid. The snow, no fault of its own, does what it does. Coats the landscape with this Norman Rockwell picture perfect blanket of white. The trees grab onto it as if to say "I got some". It comes at the perfect time. The Holidays. It wraps around you like a familiar coat and puts the finishing touches to the Christmas spirt. New years comes with a biting cold and you stand outside at midnight and wish each other "happy new year". The snow crunching under you feet from the cold. That clear, full moon night, where you have to close the drapes because the moonlight is reflecting so brightly off the snow.

It truely is special and until you live it, putting it into words can be difficult. What I can say is, after New Years, for the next 4 months, IT SUCKS. Where is summer?

kludge said...

That sounds like a magical Christmas experience.

It would be nice, if you could summon it and make it vanish on demand.