Three Short Months

Three months is a long time. It funny because it doesn't feel that long but it is. Three months ago I did something kinda crazy. I went on a juice diet. I drank my breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 days. 10 days sounded like a piece of cake when I started.

  • Day 1 -"Shoot," I mused. "This is going to be nothing. I can do 10 days easy."

    I was such a fool back then.

  • Day 3 - My headaches were so bad I had to take 2 Aleve just to get through the day. "Oh well," starving Peter muttered. "It's the price of eating poorly for so long."

  • Day 5 - I ditched veggie drinks in a wild fit of rebellion. "I cannot gag down another carrot juice. I'm only juicing fruit from now on."

  • Day 7 - I was sick of drinking juice. I hated it with such venom that it couldn't be suppressed. In contrast though, I loved the results. "I hate drinking slime for lunch," I gagged. "But my pants feel pretty good!"

  • Day 10 - I had somehow convinced myself that it was all worth it. "Done! I'm down and feel great." Maybe it was the lack of calories I was ingesting...

    It's been almost three months since my first juicing diet. (Jan 8th 2012) Since I started I've lost a total of 31lbs. It's a great start, and I feel good, but I'm a big guy and still have another 30-40 lbs to go.

    So, I started another 10 day juice fast last Saturday. It's amazing how you can tend to forget how horrible something really was with just a few short months of time.

  • Day 5 - "What the hell was I thinking..."

    Queenbear said...

    LOL! That sucks! Be strong, though. You're halfway there!

    Drake Davenport said...

    That's great! I started a diet three months ago, too. And I started eating healthy yesterday. Haha. 37 pounds down, with 25 to go. I believe I share your feelings most days, if not your meals.

    kludge said...

    Thanks both of you for the encouragement, (and congrats Drake on the progress!)

    This post was suppose to be a warning!! :) If anyone suggests going on a juice fast I have some advice.

    In the words of Bing Crosby, "don't think, don't pause, don't hesitate for a moment...just spit in his eye!"

    Kat said...

    The despised juice in a Best Buy mug. That has to be a metaphor for something, but I don't know enough about economics to state it properly.

    I did the smoothie thing in last year's blog when I went Vegan for 30 days. One day, when reviewing my stats, I noticed that someone Googled "green slimy drink" and hit on my blog. So try and stay positive and think of all those additional hits you will get.

    Jason Michael Shuttlesworth said...

    Juice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

    That's why hummingbirds are so skinny.

    You should inject helium into your soles. This counteracts gravity...(weight = mass * gravity)...thus reducing your weight.

    It's also a neat way to get high without using performance enhancing pharmaceuticals.