Lazy Thursday Blues: Magic Eyes 4

Lazy Thursday Blues!! It's been a while but here we go!

Anyone reading this that recalls the 90's craze that was Magic Eyes?! We had a giant poster sided one at my school that took me days to get. I stood there for what felt like hours trying to see anything other than a pretty blue pattern smeared on a printed sheet of paper. Even worse was standing there staring at the thing while fellow students "ooed and ahhed" at the wall. It drove me mad!

Once I finally figured it out, I felt like a treasure hunter who scored a giant pile of loot! Now, I can see them instantly. I suppose it's like riding a bike, once you conquer it, you never forget!

Be the first to post below what you see and be the first to win at being the first...


Kat said...

I see nothing! (Raises fist to an unmerciful sky) NOTHING!!!!!

Tim said...

Flowers in a vase
Took about 1 minute. I love these things.