Talking To My TV

If one should visit in my house
They might surely hear me grouse

For if the televisions on
To it I am naturally drawn

And for some reason I relay
Whatever thought I wish to say

Once the show has then begun
Whether new or just re-run

Something takes a hold of me
And because of what I see

I call out to give advice
Or tell them that's overpriced

Or warm them of a lurking soul
Behind them on the lonely stroll

Or tell them the facts are wrong
As they orate to the throng

Even wishing I was mellow
I cannot help to stop the bellow

I do not want for a reply
It's just the nature of this guy

Who cannot seem to help,
Talking to his TV

Peter P. Brown 2011

1 comment:

Mr. M said...

This brings back memories... of last night... My dad was doing a lot of talking to the TV during The Crucible....