Oh Progress Bar

Progress bar, oh progress bar
How you taunt at me

I wait and watch with faith eternal
I pray on bended knee

I see you jump from ten to twenty
Just to sit at thirty-three

I sit and stare as nothing happens
As if my gaze you see

Soon as I start to push the button
Once more alive you'll be

On we go, up through the count
Now eighty-five I see

And as we reach for ninety-nine
I pulse with energy

The screen goes black then a beep
The cursor doth decree

That you've crapped out for the fourteen time
And I must punish thee...

Peter Brown 2011


Mr. M said...

Blogger oughta have a "Like Button", like on Facebook... Hilarious.

Jason Michael Parrish said...

I'm weeping.

kludge said...


Stupid thing just did it again...

"Unexpected Error"

What the hell? Is that suppose to be a revelation?!

Jason Michael Parrish said...

Unexpected errors are often the path towards knowledge and revelation is the reward for the weary warefarer.

Thus would have spoken Zarathustra had he used a PC.