20 Things I Learned From Marriage

  • As a single person, you never imagined you could have a fight over a tube of toothpaste.

  • You don't have to recall everything you've said. Once you're married someone else will do that for you!

  • Flowers can fix almost anything. For everything else there's superglue.

  • Marriage is compromise. No where is this more apparent than while watching television

  • Will tonight be Norm making a drop leaf table or stomaching three hours of Gone with the Wind?

  • Beauty is fleeting, but a good cook is forever prized!

  • All the cute quirks while dating will morph into the unbearable habits after marriage!

  • Saying "you're right" is harder than saying, "I was wrong."

  • Before marriage you were right much more often.

  • A twin bed was fun at first but cold feet get old pretty fast.

  • Invest in a comfortable couch. Trust me on this.

  • Before marriage I had zero clue what women went through to "get ready"

  • Nor was I aware of 'which blouse went with which shoes"

  • On the flip side my wife said, "If I'd have known how gross boys were, I never would have married you."

  • Communication is important. Even if she wants to talk at 2:00am

  • Understanding is more important than a solution.

  • Until this sinks in, see #3

  • You buy wedding rings so you can recall what it was like to have money.

  • Life is so much more fun if you have someone to share it with.

  • I'd do all over again at the drop of a hat!
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    Patricia said...

    Glad you wrote the last one...our couches aren't as comfortable as they use to be ;)