I enjoyed the random typing post so much I've decided to do another one. Okay, here goes. I'm just going to let whatever thought pops into my head out for all the world to see. This is glimpse into my brain, or a warning not to read on. Whichever you prefer. Only spell check beyond this point.

I found a random word generator. Very cool stuff, the word that came back was cloakroom. I know what a cloak is, but I though they were banned my the Khitomer Accords, unless of course you're a Romulan. Romulans can do anything they want, but except perhaps wear non-state sanctioned clothing.

If I had to chose between Romulan (emotion and manipulative) Klingons (feral warriors) and Vulcans (non emotional and logical) I would have to pick Romulan. Besides the polyester, they've got it made. Could you imagine never laughing or having to eat gagh?

I'm all out of coffee. How could this happen? What did I do to warrant such pain an misfortune. I'm a fan of coffee, I'm not a fan of super glue. I've had superglue on my hands for the last three days. It makes me high. So there is that benefit...

Does anyone remember Voltron? The lion robots that all assembled into on large robot? There was a sword that just fell from the sky. The only other show I would miss Voltron for was Thundercats. The plots were always about Mumra and Thundera, but all I wanted was to see Lion-o's sword grow. That was awesome! Why name a lion charater lion-o and a mummy character Mumra. I think all the names were eaqually stuid. Pathreo, Tygra... What in the blue blazes was that about?

I saw a guy with a Thundercats wrist band. Supergeeks are everyone, and generally easy to spot. Sure they look like losers to most folks, but we know better. They are our kings.

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Jason Michael Parrish said...

superglue or polyacrylamide polymers are the greatest thing since duct tape. Except for fixing shoes. I tried to mend a running shoe with superglue and some kind of chemical reaction took place with the result being a plume of smoke arising from the toes.

I remember Voltron but my parents never let me have one because they thought it was an idol to a pagan god.