Chips & Salsa

Someone brought in chips and salsa to the office yesterday. I suppose I could stop there, because for me this explains everything. many of you will not understand, so I will try again. It's like, "I ran a thousand mines yesterday and at the finish line was a table with chips and salsa." Does that make more sense? Maybe not. Lets try again.

Let us setup a game. "Would You For Chips & Salsa?" It's something I do in my head sometimes.

Scenario #1

Absolutely. Your feet will heal in time, but chips can stale in a number of hours! Where are your priorities! On another note, I'm not sure who Bruce Wills is, but I can only hope he's an editor here to offer free services!

Scenario #2

Yes to Sumo Wrestler, Yes to Rock Biter. No to Hitchcock. I think he'd be a bit tougher to get the goods from, seeing as he obviously shares my affinity for chips and salsa.

Scenario #2.5

I'd like to say I would struggle with this. I mean there is no doubt he's evil. You can tell because I drew him red. Honestly, though telling you I'll have to think it out would make me feel better.

"All you have to do to get Chips and Salsa is to pus-"

CLICK "Now may I have chips?."

Scenario #3

So, you see, we all have our breaking points. Luckily the corner market is open till 11:30 on most weekdays. Stupid Butterflies! I hope you choke!


Jack said...

Ha, ha! Awesome! I feel that way about guacamole.

kludge said...


Can there be a better carbohydrate partner than avocado? I think you're right! It's also good on toast (if you need another excuse)

Jack said...

Mmm.. Toastocado...

Anonymous said...

Um, how should I put this...that was awesome!