Veronica Is A Hard Working Girl

Veronica is a hard working girl and I use her services quite frequently. She's always there for me and at my beck and call. I like her close beside me and hold her very tight. Now there are times with she seems a bit unresponsive but for the most part she suits my needs. I got her for a bargain and she was practically a steal for what she's worth. In truth my wife picked her out and new she was just my type. At 16 GB she holds quite a bit more than my previous flash drive.

Here's Veronica:

And here is her namesake:

Veronica Lodge from the old Archie comics. I have no clue why she popped into my head when the computer asked for a name after I first formatted her. It just did.

"Veronica is all loaded up and good to go!"

"Peter, why did you name your new flash drive Veronica?!"

"Because I'd already named my MP3 player Planchet"

Planchet is the manservant of d'Artagnan in one of the best novels ever written. If you are a boy or man and have not read The Three Musketeers stop everything you are doing this instant. Now, go to the bookstore and get a real book. Paperback or hardcover. One that you can pick up, hold, feel, smell, dog-ear and doesn't require batteries or electricity and read The Three Musketeers right now. After that, feel free to come back here and finish this post. Women, I have no idea what the best book is for you but the wife seems awfully found of Pride and Prejudice.

Anyway there is something cool about plugging in my MP3 player and having Windows declare, "Planchet is ready what now?" It's like having my own servant standing at the ready.

"Load up those files and check to make sure they're all sorted correctly."
"Oui monsieur!"

Planchet has been with me since 2005. We've shared a lot together over the years, as only a man and his servant can. From Frank Sinatra, The Fray, Owl City to my recent obsession with Marty Robbins. In many ways Veronica could never be Planchet but honestly, that's not her job. Her job is digital shopping and believe you me, Veronica loves shopping...

Someday I might have to upgrade. She's got a lot of space, but I'd have no trouble trading her in for a newer model if I ever needed more than 16GB.

Yeah, you're right, men are pigs...


Drake Davenport said...

Veronica. I like that. I know, personally, I have an iPad named the Titanic. The Titanic syncs every time I plug it in.

kludge said...


Thats pretty clever!!

Ando said...

I love Marty Robbins. I think I shared with you the YouTube clip of him singing El Paso live in a sequined jumpsuit and flying high as a kite. If not find it now.