20 Signs You're A Lame Superhero

  • One of your best powers is turning into a bucket of water.

  • You're the female version of a real superhero. She-Thing? Seriously?

  • You have an invisible jet plane given to you by the Amazons.

  • You can speak with insects.

  • You can speak with dolphins.

  • You're half vampire.

  • The X-Men couldn't even find a good use for you.

  • You battle eco-villans and worldwide industrialism.

  • Your superhero name, chosen to strike fear into the enemy, includes the word boy.

  • You've got wings. Yeah, with feathers.

  • Your superpower involves a gun. Come on...

  • You let your worst enemy's off with just a warning, so they can kill again.

  • You acquired your powers in the Himalayans.

  • You acquired your powers from toxic waste.

  • You have the same powers as a squirrel.

  • You're big and ugly like the Hulk, but go by the name, Joe Fix-it

  • You use a bumble bee as a weapon.

  • You're the 'speedy' sidekick to a superhero that most people have never heard of.

  • You're an unstoppable orphan alien from a dead planet. You have a messiah complex but a subservient attitude to an over-aggressive female writer with a penchant for finding herself in trouble.

  • Oh, and you wear your underpants on the outside...

    Tina said...

    Dear gawd, is there a support group??? I never knew I was a lame superhero.

    This reminded me of a Chuck Norris anecdote: "Chuck Norris and Superman got into a smackdown - the loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his clothes." I thought it was hysterical and posted to my facebook. Nobody else got it.

    Sigh. Probably need a support group for that one, too.

    Jason Michael Parrish said...

    There must, must, MUST be a logical explanation for the large numbers of superheroes that wear their underwear as outerwear.

    Unfortunately, I haven't a clue why.

    nany anahrossa said...


    kludge said...

    It made more sense in my head...