Vader Days

The best Sci-Fi villain of the 80's, who suffered a Lucas induced personality adjustment in recent year, is still my favorite childhood foe. Darth Vader was awesome. A cyborg man with ability to kill a person with his mind and rip HVAC equipment off the walls of Cloud city. He is still a serious bad dude for those of us who recall his menacing form lurking though much of our childhood. In that light I sough out the strangest Vader images I could.

Here is Lord Vader, now appearing for your amusement and general ridicule.
Elvis & Vader

Vader Vs. PiƱata

Catholic Vader

Vader Vs. Porta-Potty

Vader Reading Harry Potter

Vader changing florescent tube in lightsaber

Vader Vs. Elmo

Vader Vs. Leaves

San Francisco Vader

Fiddle Vader

Vader Vs. Luke Skywaker

Smoking Vader

Vader does Deathstar Topiary (Almost embarrassed that I knew that..._)

Lord Vader On Vacation

Hello Kitty Vader

Luke's long lost brother...


Tony said...

I take it this isn't Darth Vaderish enough for you then, since you didn't include it in your post? :)

kludge said...

Dude... That's a Stormtropper! (Kludge shakes head in disappointment) :)

But... I did find a similar Vader after a quick search! Seems a bit odd, but per special request from Finland...

Pink Vader is now included.


M - The Blog said...

Oh! Here's a couple more:

kludge said...

You boys and your Pink Vaders!! Added.

I wonder what Freud would have to say about you two?! :)

M - The Blog said...

I wouldn't mind getting force choked by this vader:

M - The Blog said...

Sorry for my persistance. I'm finding some good ones!

M - The Blog said...

Ok, I really need to stop Googling Darth Vader. But, hey! This is turning out to be a good collection!

kludge said...

It might be time for an intervention! :)

The Elmo one is great!! Added.