Random Typing In December

Yet Another Random Typing Post. I'm just going to let whatever thought pops into my head out for all the world to see. This is glimpse into my brain, or a warning not to read on. Whichever you prefer. Only spell check beyond this point.

I like corn chips. Though I'm not sure what to do with all the dust you accumulate on your fingers when eating them. Seriously, are you suppose to pretend it's not there? Or do you wipe your hand after every chip. I suppose you could lick it off. The 'lick it off' method is okay if it's not a community container but I wouldn't want to share a bowl of chips with a finger licker.

That's a funny name. Finger licker, bet the TSA would pull you over and pat you down if you had that on your ticket. "Johnny 'Finger Licker' Jones".

"Step out of line. Put your hands where I can see them."
"Is there a problem"
"Yea backup, I'm going to need a moist towelette or two."

Moist towelette. A interesting item as well. Are they the base that other products such as wet wipes and counter cleaners stem from? What's with that odor? Is that suppose to be appealing to you?

"Is that a new scent you're wearing Susan?"
"Moist towelette."
"Were did you get it?!"
"At the Coco Channel store. $400 a bottle."

Once the fashion industry gets a hold of something, no matter how stupid, its an instant hit with the super rich. They are a fickle bunch down in Smogland. I think they just like an exuse to spend money.

"Stop everything. The moist towelette is out! We've just discovered corn chip dust! It's all the rage. It moisturizes and covers wrinkles!"

Wow. Back to corn chips. I must be hungry. I suppose I could just dust it off on my pants, but that seems odd too. Oh well. I suppose it's just one of life's little mystery's.

(licking fingers...)


MattmanAndRobin said...

I saw a post on the front page of reddit that could be yours....

kludge said...

I wish it had been, I could use the traffic!!

So... what was it?

tdap said...

Random typing is the best kind of typing...

Jason Michael Parrish said...

I heart stream-of-consciousnessness...and river-of-consciousnessness is even better.