Lie to me. Please

I've been finding myself manning the helpdesk phones more frequently in recent days. Not that it's any big deal, I'm mostly just backup. I get one or two calls an hour.

My last call was a bit odd. Users wonder why we hate them. Here's why

"I need you to install the latest version of Flash on my computer"
"It's free software."
"I know, but why do you need it?"
"I want it to get to websites"
"Are you getting errors?"
"I'll remote in so you can show me..."
"Oh... Uhm..."
"I'll right I'm in."
"I can't think of any sites right now, but it's pretty much all of them."
"Like watching movies..."

Seriously? If you're so stupid that you tell the network administrator that you're calling him to took at your machine so you can use the company bandwidth to watch movies... What do you think is coming next?

"Wow look what I found..."
"What? What's wrong?"
"I think your computer is loaded with spyware. Go ahead and log off. I'll clean it up."
"How long?"
What time do you leave for the day?"
"That should be just about enough."

A lesson to all you users. Lie to us. We sometimes might see through it but it gives us the option to ignore it. Today I had no such option.

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