Exercises in Futility

I have a problem, er rather no. A friend of mine has this problem. See him there? See how sad and frustrated he is with his own inability. I, er... He can't make it work. You know what I mean? I mean he tries, he REALLY tries but nothing. No, er success. Yeah. No success. It's hard when someone is there telling you to perform and you've got nothing, nada zip. I'm ready to pull out all my severely tousled locks. I mean he is. Obviously. Alright, it's me. How humiliating.

As many of you have guessed I've been trying to get an open source Wordpress Windows active directory integration plug-in to work against my AD 2008 LDAP server. Tell me you've been there. What a freaking nightmare.

"Peter, can you install a new Wordpress blog for our director?"

"Sure thing. That's pretty simple actually"

"There are also a FEW plug-ins that need adding."

"OK. Usually not a big deal."

"Oh, and we need username integration."

And so the nightmare began. Someone once described insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" They're wrong. I do the same thing over and over and GET different results hourly! If that is the accepted definition of insanity, then all computer people are nuts. Ha ha. Have your little snicker.

I propose a new definition. Insanity is doing an Internet web search for 'Active Directory Integration' and believing that one of the 1,830,000 results might actually hold the answer to your stupid problem.

It's been 1 week since I started trying to resolve this.
"Peter. How's it going?"
"doing, alright...?"
"Oh yeah! Any day now..."

Seriously I'm losing my marbles here....At least I'm in good shape with my well rounded exercises in complete futility.


Tony said...

Someone once descried insanity as "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"

Yeah, well, it's a cute saying and all, but I bet it predates the wide-spread use of Microsoft operating systems (which could, actually, be argued to be a mental disease in its own right). Well that, or psychology students just don't spend a whole lot of time in tech support. (Can't really imagine why - tech support, if anything, ought to be a fertile ground for the study of insanity.)

Wordpress Windows active directory integration plug-in

What the...? What possible reason could one possibly have to mate a friggin' blog and Active Directory? I must say, if I were given such a job assignment, I would investigate very carefully as to the reasons of it. This sounds to me like something with a very high probability of having a very silly reason behind it. Or perhaps it's only my workplace where people want us to buy full CAD software licenses so that they could merely look at CAD drawings? :P At any rate, I personally have learned to be rather suspicious of non-standard requests...

kludge said...

Oh, there's a reason but I'm not sure how 'good' it is.

As the deadline for the paranoid director's blog approaches, the 'requirement' that all user comments are confirmed against their Windows username (so we know who's saying what) if fast becoming an optional component.

Luckily the person who assured her it would work 'no sweat' was not me. :)

Jason Michael Parrish said...

If it helps, most people nowadays are somewhat insane. Some more, some less. On those rare occasions you do meet somebody that's sane...umm...(what DOES one do when encountering a rational sane person???)