Wasting Time

So.. It seems there is something severely wrong with me. Right. You all knew that. Regardless. I've been watching Star Trek Enterprise for the first time. As I progress through the seasons, I find myself captioning still frames in my head. So... Without further ado.

My severely altered Star Trek Captions.

Archer: Oh Great!
T'Pol: A problem captain?
Archer: I should think so! I put in my money, pushed A7, and now my freeze dried cheese curls are stuck!
T'Pol: Captain?
Archer: Help me rock it free!

Trip: sigh... Alright Cap'an no one is looking.
Archer: 'Billie Jean is not my lover ...'

Trip- guys...there's someone watching us. Fat guy, on the couch, eating popcorn, in their underpants wearing Vulcan ears.
Mayweather- I'm not looking!

Archer: What the hell are you doing with my dog?
Phlox: Pineapple Jello mold.
Archer: Yum.

Archer: Where's your other hand?
Silik: Between two pillows.
Archer: THOSE aren't PILLOWS!

wanna play? Startrek.com my username is kludge77

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