From The Editors Desk: Return of Fridays

Gentle Reader;

For those of you who read this posts title and were surprised to find out that Fridays had been missing, let me explain.

Fridays have yet to be removed from the calendar, but my old Friday posts or conversation Fridays, have been gone since April of 2007, save one post called "Tug of War" which was just an accidental conversation post.

I'm thinking I would like to try another stab at these. First because I was reading some of them, and they are extremely silly. I like silly. And second because I feel as though I might have some fresh ideas.

Any of you wishing to avoid any further silliness, might want to steer clear of Fridays. Additionally I cannot promise that there will be no further post about eating dogs or other unusual topics. Whatever pops in, will be typed. You have been warned.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Editor and Chief


Anonymous said...

Bring it on. I'm all about the silly.

Becca Sports said...

I look forward to reading your silly posts.

kludge said...

Ando & BeccaSports-

Don't say I didn't warn you...