Spatula Ponderings

"What is this?"

"What about this?"

"Now, this one?"

"What do we call this thing?"

"How about this one?!"

Is it just me or are half of all kitchen utensils called Spatulas? What is that all about!? How many different items are so unimportant they all get the same name. What someone just spent?

"Okay, were almost done here today, lets see.... we'll call this a bowl, that thing over there a knife. But we'll spell it with a 'k' to drive everyone crazy. Okay that leaves us with this... I was thinking 'colander' or we might just lump it with the sieves. What else?

"We haven't even gotten to the utensil drawer."

"You're kidding me!? How long have we been at this?! Okay you know what...everything in there is a...a...spatula!"

"All of them?"

"You want to stay here all night, or head home?!"



"How do you spell that?"


Missy said...

Funny :) As always, the amount of stuff just floating around in your mind, simply mystifies me!

Jason said...


Spatula:1.A tool grandmothers use to beat little boys with when they steal those little red cinnamon candies.

Boston Love said...

Good insight. I'd never thought of that before.

Becca Sports said...

How do you come up with all of this stuff? What you said is true though, there are a lot of utensils called Spatulas...interesting.

Anonymous said...

Matt and I have been in fights over spatulas. We resolved at least one by deciding to call certain spatulas "pancake flippers" but the name just didn't stick.

I'm glad someone finally decided to write about this issue.

Do you want to tackle the lack of a genderless individual label? We are required to use He or She. What about when he/she's sex is unknown or when it is PC to not use a designation? Hmmm???


jenylu said...

That made me laugh -- I have an awful lot of those spatulas in my house.

SJ said...

Did you leave the blog world temporarily?

Boston Love said...