A Post About Cheese

A quick post about cheese. I like cheese, it tastes good with meat and stuff like that. I sometimes eat cheese by itself, but very rarely. For me cheese alone tastes like yaks fur. Unlike yaks fur though, I think it blends well with other items such as bread, meat, crackers or pickles. So for the most part, I like cheese, but I'm not a cheese connoisseur.

The word connoisseur means, 'the people that think your tastes are so far below them, you are no better than a garbage scouring raccoon'. These are the same people who will pay $400 for a pair of socks with the correct label on them or an ugly painting that looks like two caterpillars guts smeared on white canvas because the artist is supposed to be a 'misunderstood crazed genius'.

Why is cheese or any other food considered a delicacy? Because it's expensive? What is it about it that makes it so popular? Is it that the French got their hands on it? Why is it that everything that comes out of France is culinary perfection and the rest of the world are the infantile masses, eating from Earth gutters? I don't buy it. I mean, if the French had invented ketchup it would be in 3oz bottles selling for $24 a pop.

What are the things that end up on the snob scales?

Cheese - Curdled milk
Wine - Spoiled grapes
Sushi - Raw fish
Escargot - Snails
Foie gras- Fatty goose liver
Frog Legs - Umm...Frog legs
Caviar - Salted fish eggs

Hello! Is it just me or the rich only obsessed with the things that are deadly or disgusting? Food is no fun unless it is, spoiled, covered in bacteria or from a place that is impolite to mention in mixed company. Why is it, that the more spoiled an item the more expensive? I mean I like sushi, but it's raw. I'm taking a huge chance here. Shouldn't I get a discount or something? No. We don't cook it, so we charge $10 an once.

Point and case will be the Cheddar Cheese example. Cheddar cheese is the singularly most popular cheese in the world. The rich despise it. It's just so common for them. I'm not sure if it's just too tasty, too normal ,too mundane or just too yellowish. Whatever the reason it's not for them. They don't want it yellow, no. They want it blue. It's blue not because it is sad, though it should be. It's blue because it is covered in mold.

That's right. You just paid extra for a substance that is considered a toxic particle if in your house, but in your cheese it means you pay $8.75 per/lb. Go figure.


Missy said...

I agree, cheese by itself is not appetizing, melted over ANYTHING and I am there! I have the best brie in puff pastry receipe that you would ever want to snub your nose at. Perfect dish to bring to a get together, let me know and I will give it to you.

Happy, happy Monday......

Ando said...

I was watching the Iron Chef for some reason this weekend, and had similar thoughts. Nothing the chef's made looked appetizing and yet they are both considered gourmet geniuses. I guess we common folk will never understand. But then I don't understand people who think Gallager is funny, so I guess it goes both ways.

kludge said...


I agree... Tuna is a 'point and case' for me. Tuna sandwich is pointless, but melt chesse over it and I'm standing in line!

Happy Monday!

kludge said...


I guess were just the peasants stuck with pizza and soda... Oh well.

Jason said...

Ri-cotta stop the Kludge from these cheesy posts. . .it'd be cheddar that way

kludge said...


Gouda Luck with that!

Becca Sports said...

I agree with you about the rich, I don't think that I could ever eat escargo, fish eggs, moldy cheese. Yuck! I'm glad to know that I'm one of the masses who likes cheddar cheese. No moldy cheese for me please.

Brian said...

To a lot of folks food isn't just about eating but it's also about the experience.

SJ said...

I do love cheese and since I am not rich - I love cheddar cheese!

jenylu said...

Hey Missy -- hope you might by some change read this again -- I want your recipe! :)

Hate to fess up, but I like bleu cheese in salad and even like cheese by itself. I've never ventured to the escargot or duck liver experience, but cheese in any form seems to work for me.

J Crew said...

I do have to say that bleu cheese is good though, mold or no mold.. I guess that would not make it bleu anymore!!

kludge said...

Confession to all-

Just because I think it will be funny, I will sometimes post ideas that I don't always agree with, sort of like arguing for arguing sake.

I have tried and enjoyed a majority of items on my list save frog legs and foie gras. Which do not interest me currently.