It's Five days 'till Christmas

It's five days 'till Christmas
The dates almost here
With presents and carols
celebration and cheer

I feel like I've missed it
As if already gone by
I'm not feeling festive
I can't tell you why

I saw a strange woman
In line at this place
With bright Christmas sweater
and a frown on her face

If a bedazzled sweater
with real bells and a wreath
can't make you feel merry
Then you're mush underneath

There's just so much to do
With shopping and working
An election year coming
Who knew Christmas was lurking

So it's five days away
The window is prime
I mean look what Scrooge did
In a much smaller time

It's just five days aways
When we all remember
The birth of our Saviour
At the end of December

With thanks unto God
We should be rejoicing
For his gift of a Son
We should be voicing

So say "Merry Christmas"
And then smile as you do
It's just five days away
Let Christs joy shine through you

-Peter P. Brown 2007


Jeremy said...

Great poem... thanks for the thoughts (I will keep them in mind). Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Kludge returns with style. Great prose, my friend.

Missy said...


Merry Christmas to everyone there from everyone here.

SJ said...

That was great! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

jenylu said...

That was a great poem -- I wish I'd read it five days before Christmas. :)

Let me know when you're book comes out -- put me down for a copy!