20 Signs You're Out Of Your Mind

Suggestion by Fernando

  • You have long conversions with yourself

  • Sometimes those conversations become arguments

  • You frequently lose those arguments

  • Because of this, bums on the street give you change

  • You spend the majority of your day at a computer manipulating things that don't really exist

  • You might get fired if those non-existent things were lost

  • You like the taste of black licorice

  • You can spell 'licorice' correctly on the first attempt but can't spell 'their' without spell check

  • You have more than two children

  • You want to have another

  • You argue with people about which are smarter, dogs or cats.

  • You're convinced your dog is smart because she'll chase her tail on command

  • Right before Y2K you stocked up on canned tomatoes from the store

  • Because if your alarm clock doesn't know what year it is, you might not be able to buy canned tomatoes

  • You yell at people on the television

  • You get mad when they don't do what you tell them to

  • You actually tell people how you're really feeling when they ask you

  • This conversation usually last at least 10 minutes

  • You love to buy items based on the claims of infomercials

  • You paid for a copy of Microsoft Vista

    Tony from Finland said...

    Uh-oh. O.o

    Jason said...

    This list does not encourage me.

    At least I have good medical coverage.

    Fernando said...

    I don´t have conversations with myself, what kind of freak would do that? There are little people living in there, AND they have names! We have very interesting conversations and open forums from time to time. But sometimes it´s hard to keep order in there.

    Dogs are way smarter and more loyal.

    Only a fool would pay for Windows Vista... We geeks have GNU/Linux!

    Fernando said...

    One more:
    You dual boot Windows Vista AND Windows XP! ...




    And you paid bor both of them!!!

    Who can do this and be considered sane?

    J Crew said...

    That settles it. My mind is lost

    Jason said...

    j crew,

    if your lose your mind, how would you know your mind was lost if having a mind is a pre-requisite of knowing whether or not you had a mind?

    You must somehow get back a piece of your mind, or find an angry man who is always ranting about 'givin him a piece of my mind,' to find your original mind and to see how lost it really is.

    I met a beautiful woman once who told me cows think, but in different ways. I think she was wrong.

    Missy said...

    Don't have the third child, look at mine!!!!