Pizza Pen Prize Winner

Last night after a rousing episode of Mythbusters (The flying guillotine) I had Patricia draw a name out of a sweaty San Francisco Giants hat.

Matt & Robin are victorious. I am happy for them but honestly am I ever going to draw someone that doesn't require shipping charges! :) Thanks to everyone for playing. Keep checking in, as I'm sure I'll do another!

Matt & Robin email me your address and I'll get this thing out to the Equal Rights State...

For the record the sausage content of the pizza was 19%. It is visible in the picture as Missy noticed when she actually clicked on it!


Anonymous said...

Fair and honest game, but how about a consolation prize for the only person who actually figured it out :)

MattmanAndRobin said...

Hey Peter, you can give the pen to my mom. she is coming out for a visit this month.

Does it come with a certificate of authenticity?

Jason Michael Shuttlesworth said...


(I'd have celebrated Halloween myself but I had herniated epiglottis syndrome.)

kludge said...


$1,000,000 Internetbucks for you!


Sure thing. That's super simple! No. It comes with a felt pouch and a business card. :)

kludge said...


Hope you posted that on Facebook for maximum exposure... :)