When Words Mean Other Things

I was talking to a lamp supply store nearby about replacement parts for an overhead light. I was feeling a little strange as the conversation progressed.

"Hello This is Jim, can I help you?"
"Yes I need to get a replacement hickey."
"How big"
"They come in different sizes?"
"There is a wide variance in these things"
"Well I threw my hickey out when it broke"
"How big is your nipple"
"I don't know. Can you tell if I brought it in?"
"We can absolutely fit a new hickey to your nipple."
"Okay I'll stop by tomorrow."
"Just ask for Jim..."

I swear it went down just like this not 10 minutes ago. I'm still blushing...


Tina said...

That Jim, he gets around.

Jason Michael Parrish said...

You can find some pretty good masks at Walmart. You'll have to wait until October though.