The Car Recall

"Did you hear about the recall?"

"Excuse me?"

"The car recall! Did you hear about it?"

"I have no clue what you're saying."

"Seems they are recalling 1.5 million cars."

"That's going to take forever! Who's doing it."

"The car company employees I suppose....who else would do it?"

"Are they asking thier friends to help?"

"What? Look I have this funny feeling that you and I aren't on the same page. Cars. Recall. Understand?"

"The first one was a red one. With a black bumper..."


"The second was puce and chrome with a gray interior. No FM radio. Listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra and talk shows."

"uh... Jim."

"The third was Burnt Sienna, a scrumptious color, and if I recall it smelled strongly of pork rinds. It is now the property of my second ex-wife."

"Jim, what the hell are you doing?"

"Recalling my cars. Luckily I've not had anywhere near 1.5 million of them."

"You know, Jim, I really hate talking to you sometimes."

"You brought it up Phil, not me. Besides, I'm the only one working here. You haven't even tried to recall a single car. We're pretty behind here! Oh I know. What about that one you had when you and Doreen were dating. The little Ford pickup."

"A great little truck. There was this one night I recall vividly! Doreen and I drove out the lake and crashed a big ol bonfire party. Talked, ate and got free drinks and dessert It was awesome. I think we were there for an hour or more before that group confessed they had no clue who we were or why we were eating their hamburgers."


"Scouts honor."

"Well! What happened?!"

"Oh, right. Well, pretend to get real upset and left in a huff. Even took a burger for the road!"

"Wait...was that the same night that you 'broke down' at Higgins Hallow?"

"Ah...Yeah. Good times. That was the last night that car was drivable."

"What a wreck that was."

"Better my car then me I suppose."

"Yea, I've never seen that much buckshot. He musta emptied 4 boxes of shells in that car."

"More like 10."

"Never date a girl who's daddy has shotgun collection."

"Those are words to live by. Hey, since we're recalling. What about that baby blue Dodge you bought for 4 C notes?"

"Scott? A very social care. People were always hooking and waving at me."

"More like screaming and giving you the finger."

"That's because I merged on the freeway at 24MPH and hit a top speed of 39 and a half. come to think of it. I hated that gutless pile of crap. Sold it for $100. Poor sap got taken."

"Look here comes Pete"

"Phil, Bob! Did you guys hear about the recall?"

"We were just talking about that..."

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