Sneezing My Brains Out

Sneezing My Brains Out

I'm sneezing my brains out
All over my screen
I'm turning my pixels
To yellow and green

I'm sneezing my brains out
And I've run out of tissue
With a near brimming trash can
My co-workers take issue

"We're going to get sick
While you sit there and sneeze!"
Well it isn't a cold
It's those beautiful trees

The purples and crimsons
And violets of spring time
They're killing me off
Slashed< down in my prime

Sneezing My Brains Out
My nose is a beacon
So raw and so red
Like old drunk Topekan

I'm sneezing my brains out
There's nothing to do.
At least if I die
I'll have fun while I do.

-Peter Brown 2010


Jeremy said...

Hope you get better soon. Your sickness might be the result of certain problems in your life.

kludge said...

Nice! Even Christians get to play on April Fools!