This is the fist morning in what seems like an eternity without coffee. Here I am at almost 1:00 wondering how I'm suppose to get through the next 5 hours. Today, starting at Cisco configs is like holding up the world. I suddenly feel quite bad for Altlas. Poor soul. Though unlike Atlas, I have no merciful Perseus willing to exchange information for a quick release from my suffering. Ah for another Gorgon head lying around the office! Of course if I am to be turned to stone then what would I do with those free movie tickets in my wallet.

My poor wallet. Sitting alone on the bedside table wondering why I left him behind. "WAIT!! DON'T GO! Sigh...You took the phone, your mp3 player and even that good for nothing blue tooth headset you're forced to carry. Why am I not worry of your morning preparations?" I'm missing it right about now though. I'll tell you what!

Believe me the coffee break (what a horrible use of that phrase) was not my intention. I fully planned to worship at the alter of Starbucks this morning. Seeing as I was exhaustion from the events of my household, that I have zero intention of barring here, I was already quite late to work. My lovely and equally tired wife made me a lunch but we agreed to forgo making coffee.

"No biggie, I'm already late. I'll stop at the Starbucks."


I just took a little cat nap. I need a gizmo so I can sleep at the office and no one will know. Nevermind. Thank you Internet!

Oh look. Only 4 hours and 15 minutes left.


Jason Michael Parrish said...

One of my co-workers bought a bag of powdered caffeine, and sprinkles it on all his food. It's increased his productivity, but the other day he beat up another co-worker and got put in jail. So if you work by yourself this might be doable for you.

themadengineer said...

But if you work for yourself, you're entitled to sleep on the job. (You just don't make very much money that way.)