Man Week 2011: Day 1

Last week Google was pitching March 8th as International Womans Day. I had to laugh. Not because there is anything inheritanty wrong with womans day, but the fact that it need exist at all. Are women in need of any more recognition in this modern age? I think not. They are told from birth that they are special and to embrace being a woman. In a strange contrast, men are told that they should be less of what they are. Men.

As an example. If a man does something the newspaper headlines would simply read:
"English Channel crossed today"

If a woman does the same thing years later, that same paper then will tout:
"Woman braves English Channel for the first time!"

Why? Because our world believes being female makes you special. Well guess what. Being male is pretty special too and I'm going to prove it! So in lieu of International Mans Day, it's time for the annual Kludge Spot celebration of MAN WEEK!

This week we'll take another stab at that bastion of gruffness, girth and grunts; the male. We will tackle the reason men should be proud of how they were created and celebrate their differences. Posts might include topics from fishing, men in social gathering and what to expect from your trip to the barber shop. Of course we will allow the girls to have their say, but not the upper hand. Not this week ladies. This week, is just for us.

Look for posts and updates all week as we celebrate the certain idiosyncrasies that make men what we are.

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Jason Michael Parrish said...

I'd like to know why all men (when posing nude for a line-up) always put their right foot forward...

kludge said...

Hmm... Must be David thing, once he set the standard all others just fell in line...

BTW... Why are you looking at naked men?