Man Week: Girl Bash Bonus Post

Poking a little fun at the girls. Hope you all can take it ladies. If not, ask us if we care?

Woman Wishing Well

Female Mouse/Compact

Tracy Is Wrong

Female Parking Spaces

Woman's Keyboard (Worth a closer look!)

Ladies Tool Kit

Proof Women Are Evil

Woman Car Shopping

His and Hers Garage

Ladies Umbrella Shoes

Woman Speedometer



James said...

Nice try. Thanks for playing.

Jason Michael Parrish said...

If People for the Ethical Treatment of Women see this post, be sure they'll come after you with skirts and knives.

kludge said...

Clearly James is single.

kludge said...


Sweet! A landmark legal suit would totally bring some exposure to Man Week!

BBrito said...

I loved the pink keyboard! lmoa!
but here at home I'm the one to fix computer bugs and giving tips about proper use of software programs...
there are geek girls in the world, you know?! ;)

kludge said...


Man Week is all in fun. No underlying sexism, just having a bit of sport.

Trust me, I've worked with geek girls and have the utmost respect. On man week though I've got to put up a good front for my sex! :)