Just so Horrible

So Patricia and I are pulling out of the grocery store, and she looks in her rear view mirror, then she looks again.

"Peter" She says dumbfounded,"There's no one behind us."

"So." I say. I'm so understanding!

"No, you don't understand," she pulls it together,"There is a car behind us but no one is driving it."

I looked behind me, and sure enough there was a blue sedan navigating turns and using its blinkers by itself. It was astounding. I honestly could not see anyone driving the car! We both take turns looking behind us and slackening our jaws. So here we are, turning around smiling and laughing and trying to see some person in the car.

The car follows us all the way home. We see it pass our house, do a U-turn, and park. At our neighbors house. Our neighbor gets out. She's african-american. I pushed the button and our garage door lowered as slowly as it could. We laugh ourselves stupid in the house. We worked very hard not to run into her on accident, in case we had to fess up to the mistake.

I have always hoped she thought, we just reconized her face, and couldn't place her. I doubt it, since we were giggling most of the time.

It was rather freaky though, you really couldn't see her!


TrickySaber said...

That is really fuuny.

J Crew said...


kludge said...

Yet another average day in the life of 'Mr. moronical'

Ando said...

At least your wife was just as guilty as you in this one.

kludge said...

It's amazimg how much better that DOES make me feel.