Judah Nagler

Judah Nagler [pictured center] and I went to the same high school. A very small school, I would guess under 500 students in k-12. In high school he was a gifted violinist, a talented drummer, and an excellent emerging bass guitar player. Not to mention talented artist. If he ever gets HUGE I have a Nagler original in my yearbook that might find its way up on e-bay. Anyway he was a couple years younger, but we were both drummers in the school band. Judah could play circles around the rest of us, and I could "mostly" do what was required. Judah has done what we all expected and joined a band. Click on the picture and find out a little bit more about "Velvet Teen"

Anyway as drummers we spent a lot of time talking and goofing off while the band practiced, tone, pitch, staccatos, and other non-drummer things. I was a moron, and if you note the day you should expect some embarrassing moments.

One day were bored off our rockers. I start telling jokes, and since everyone in the drum core is laughing I get going. Puns, limericks and anecdotes are flying and I'm exploiting the limit of my humor. So I tell a few ethnic jokes in very bad taste. "How many Jews does it take..."

Judah kinda of cocks his head, and with is eyes looks a bit puzzled. "Peter... you know... Judah Nagler... it's a Jewish name."

"I mean you know I'm Jewish, right?"

Needless to say I was mortified. I try not to tell tasteless jokes like these anymore. As these things go, I put it behind me, and only wake up with a knot in my stomach every once and a while.

A few months pass. So Judah and I are waiting for the Sebastopol parade to start. We are horsing around on the snares, and then I see a group of clowns that he's watching.

"So Judah," I start "How would you like to make a living like that...[big o'l grin] what a bunch of dopes!*" {*I don't recall exactly what I said because it's hard to relive this one, but I'm, sure it was cruel and slightly witty.}

"Peter," Judah gives me the raised eyebrows "That one on the left is my mom."

Judah had a great sense of humor and never let me forget these things. Every time I would start in on someone or something he would claim relations, or friendship with them, and I would be left stammering.

Either way I miss him and wish him well.


J Crew said...

You definitely have a way with words

Ando said...

Juadah was a funny guy. Well, I assume he stil is.

erik hogstrom said...

I love the Velvet Teen. I miss Logan Whitehurst. What small high school did you go to? You mention Sebastopol (my old home)... did you go to Analy?

kludge said...


We went to High School @ Rincon Valley Christian School. Analy was enormous by comparison! :)

Janette said...

I'm in desperate need of "Special Little Devil" by his band The Secret Band - does anyone have the MP3s for this? My friend was very good friends with Logan Whitehurst and he lost the CD in a flood. I've been looking everywhere.

Please contact me if you can help... even the MP3 "Madison Ave" would make my life...

janettecoffey @ live.com